How exciting it is that you are looking to revamp your homepage design!

You will be super pleased once you make a few edits and tweaks to your existing page or just starting it from scratch.Once you’re done with your homepage design revamp I would love for you to tag me or send me an email so I can see the fantastic work you’ve done. 

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You have seconds to capture your next client through your website so make sure you take the time to get your site right the first time. These 12 tips will help you smash the competition and ensure you don’t let your clients get away.

Remember that your website speaks for you and your business when you are unavailable to do so. So make sure the message your site is sending is the right one!


Be original!

I understand that imitation is the best form of flattery and maybe some of us are design challenged but completely copying someone else’s design is not a good move. If you like a concept make it your own don’t copy it word for word, hello copyright and plagiarism, and don’t copy the design exactly unless you purchase a template.

Instead, make sure that your personality and/or the personality of your business shines through so your future clients can form a connection with you before ever meeting you.

Plus, When you copy what someone else has done it never turns out the same.


Find Your Direction

Have an Idea of what you want your visitors to know. how you want your site to look, and how you want it to be received by your ideal clients and readers.

Think of 3 words that describe your business. Any adjectives or feelings you want your visitors to see and feel when they come in contact with your business. Then when creating our site, If anything doesn’t align with those words then it doesn’t make it to the page. This makes adding copy and images to your site easy.



Again, Be original! There is nothing worse, in my opinion than seeing the same styled desk photos and stock images.

Also, make sure the images you choose make sense for your blog or website. This means if you need to take the photos yourself to ensure they are relevant and original or because you cant find what you need then do so.



If you don’t have a popup then you are losing the chance at revenue… what!? How does that make sense?

Well, the point of popups is to get your visitors to sign up for your email list so you can build authority with your subscribers as well as help your subscribers and followers get to know you. Not only is it a great way to contact and connect with current and potential customers but it I  fantastic way to contact your subscribers about your offers. Your revenue is directly tied to the size of your email list. Is your mind blown?


Content Upgrade

This is how you hook them! With a mighty enticing checklist, workbook, download, ebook, template, video, free course, etc.

People get a ridiculous amount of emails a day so you need to give them a reason to give their precious details to you.



Free 21 Page Interactive + Printable Checklist  to

Grab your free copy to help you update your homepage and attract your ideal clients and inspire them to take action!




My dears, please keep your navigation on one line. A multiple line navigation is confusing and makes people think too hard. Searching for things becomes a memory game of “what have I already clicked on?”.

If your navigation begins to flow onto another line then look into using tiers or a sidebar navigation option. Keep your navigation easy to read and avoid hard to read fonts colours. and backgrounds.



You really shouldn’t have an issue with this. Most themes, if not all now, are responsive and if you hire a great designer your site will be responsive. (WIX, SquareSpace, and ShowIt are all automatically responsive so you won’t have an issue there.) If using WordPress all website builders create responsive websites. When purchasing a theme for WordPress just make sure you double check that the site is responsive. If you get a designer or developer make sure the code it to be fully responsive.

Finally, make sure your site looks good on various screen sizes and across different browsers. Sometimes some browsers do weird things to websites.



Every piece of information you want people to find quickly and easily needs to be in your footer.

Active social media accounts, your brick and mortar address (if you have one), a mini navigation, how to contact you whether that be by phone or email, potentially and optin, if you’ve gotten around it your privacy policy, and terms & conditions.

The footer is for essentials so keep it clean; it can be as informative or non-informative as you’d like.



Keep your homepage clean and tidy.

You want your visitors to know exactly what you’re about and to easily buy what you’re selling, literally and figuratively. Which means you don’t need to have an excessive amount of information on your homepage. This is what your inside web pages are for… details.

People will literally leave your site out of sheer overwhelm if there is too much information on the homepage.

Think of your homepage as a mini introduction…not your life story.



Minimal site design is very trendy right now. I’m sure you’ve noticed.

The balance of whitespace is critical to any design. Whitespace can be a blessing or a curse if you don’t do it properly.  A way to ensure balance is to refine your sentences as much as possible while still being able to clearly explain your services or get your message across. Again, don’t write a novel but trust me, I understand the effort it takes to cut down a paragraph because I am the queen of being long winded lol.

Also try different sizing options for your images and columns; fullscreen, widescreen, half screen, a third screen. Just play around until you find something you like for each section of the page.

And again, make sure every sentence and image is aligned with the three words you chose for your site in step 2.


Colour Scheme

Use your colours wisely. Poor use of colour can divert attention away from your message. You don’t have to use every colour of your brand everywhere on your homepage or website.

This is why it is important to choose 1 or 2 bold colors along with 1 or 2 more neutral/not so in your face colors.

I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve left, when looking to hire someone, because their site was atrocious, things were hard to find, and the colours made me feel like I was staring into the sun.


Call to Action

Tell people where to go and what to do next!

A call to action is exactly what it sounds like. Calling your visitors to take a certain action on your website.

If you are on a list building mission you need to make sure you are asking people to sign up for your email list. Do you want people to speak with you? Then you need to make sure you have a button where they can either book online or email you to book a discovery call or consultation. If you are selling something then have a featured item or a button where they can buy it from your homepage or landing page. Make it EASY EASY EASY for people to take that next step with you or to step into your funnel that guides them where you want them to go.


Show me your homepage revamp before and after pictures! Id love to see what you’ve done! Tag me on Facebook (), Instagram (), or twitter ().



If you want more in-depth details, tips and examples download the fully interactive and printable checklist click here to grab the goods! If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy clicking the boxes to check things off in the interactive version( just save it after you download it first if you want to be able to save your changes.) On the other hand, you may enjoy planners, printing things out, and writing things down then you can print the checklist as well.



Is there anything you have questions about or maybe need more clarification on regarding your website homepage design? What are your next steps?




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