Vision. Plan. Results.

Need direction?

Strategic Marketing Consulting

That might sound fancy, but all it means is that we tailor our efforts to make sure they are in line with the goals you have set.


First, we deep dive into your business, review current social, digital, and traditional marketing efforts. Then begin implementing a plan in line with the goals you have for your company. If something isn’t in-line with the goal then we do not spend time or energy on it. Make Your Mark has a laser-like focus when creating Marketing Plans that ensure success.


If you fit into one of the groups below then Marketing consulting is a good fit for you.

Want to Work with us?

Tell us how involved you would like to be in your social and email marketing.

I Dont Have The Time or Energy To Be Involved

Do you just want it done and don’t want to be involved? Outsource your marketing efforts to us! We can completely take marketing off of your plate so you can run your business an interact with your clients. We will assess what your needs are and take over those marketing tasks for you. It could be for a certain project, as needed, or ongoing. Your only involvement will be your choice of weekly or monthly check-ins.

Fully, Just Need A Little Training

For those of you who want to be involved in your blog or business but don’t really know how to use your social or website platforms too well, we can give you the direction you need. We will teach you the ins and outs of your tools, plugins, and programs as well as best practices to ensure you stay on track.

Somewhat, Need A Little Help Here & There

Do you just need an extra pair of hands or assistance from time to time? From projects like creating and implementing email or social campaigns to handling one of your social accounts while you deal with the rest, your options are endless. We can get things up and running for you or and manage certain aspects of your social, email, and website until you feel comfortable taking over yourself. We show you what we are doing. how to do it, and what tools, plugins, and software we are using so you can achieve our same results.

Need more options?

How about a retainer!

Somethings just don’t fit in a pretty package and that is okay. We will be your helping hand and take care of your website, design, social, and maintenance needs on a monthly basis. This could include but isn’t limited to, creating collateral for your business, promoting an event, designing ad imagery, or whatever you need it to be. Send us a message so we can figure out what is best for you together.