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Make Your Mark is an international marketing agency with a clear vision to make your business the only possible choice for your ideal clients.

By providing strategic website design, email list building strategies, as well as marketing coaching and consulting. We ensure that at every touchpoint of your business your visitors and potential clients are moved closer toward solving their problem.


We know that marketing can be a hefty and somewhat critical investment for business owners so we don’t take our responsibility lightly.  At Make Your Mark we are with you all the way, partners, ensuring you receive the result you desire with a website and marketing strategy that works

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You know those people who are amazing at what they do….Business Coaches, Financial law and medical professionals, real estate brokers, Photographers, videographers and other creatives… who run good businesses but are ready to run GREAT businesses.  Who don’t know enough about marketing and websites to do it themselves and aren’t afraid to ask for help. Or those who just don’t have the time, patience, or desire to do their own marketing or DIY their website.  As well as those who realize the importance of working with the right people to get it right the first time, so there’s no wasted time or money.

And these are the people we LOVE to help.

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Website Design
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Management
Digital Asset Design
Content Creation
Business Coaching & Consulting
Marketing Strategy & Planning
Email Marketing Strategy
Email Template Design
Blog Coaching
Theme Install

the founder

My name is Ashleigh Chanel, yes that is my whole first name, and I am the CEO and founder of Make Your Mark Marketing & Consulting Agency.   I am a website designer and strategic marketing consultant who gets just as excited about your business as you do! Honestly, If I’m not as excited about your project as you are, then I won’t take on the project. Why? Because it messes with my creative mojo!  I can’t be helpful if I’m not enthusiastic and my creative juices have dried up.


My friends say I’m a perfectionist…someone who has strong standards and goes above and beyond what is necessary for friends and family and that I’m also incredibly determined, all of which translates to creating the absolute best outcome for my clients.

I don’t just create pretty web pages. I create a unique online presence that reflects your brand perfectly, while also offering your target audience exactly what they need. This experience positions you as the ideal option to your target client.

Why do i do this?

Having worked in corporate America I literally experienced people dying for their jobs. After seeing that Italians work to live and enjoy life, love, and family I knew that wasn’t the life I wanted, and I knew I had to make an impact in a different way.  Being the CEO of Make your Mark is seriously exciting because I have the opportunity to work with people from different cultures, who think differently, and who live in all corners of the globe. Most of all, I get to help people help people and achieve their business and personal goals through marketing, something I am passionate about. The most exciting part is watching my clients’ businesses grow through design and marketing strategies. Building lasting friendships with many of these people is an amazing byproduct.


I serve in the most inspired way I can.  I love that I can swap travel tales before diving into business.  This is my happy place: helping my clients make their mark just I am making mine.

for you noseies


I studied Marketing, entrepreneurship, Global business, and Finance in the US and in Europe. I’ve lived in three of the fashion capitals of the world and two of the financial capitals. I got the travel bug right after I graduated from university and 34 countries later, the rest is history. After living in Rome for 2 years, Italy is still my favorite country. I also found Romania and Portugal to be two very pleasant surprises, so if you ever want to swap travel stories or get travel advice I would love to chat with you. I can talk about it all day!!

  • I am a Certified scuba diver (achieved so that I could dive with my friend in Thailand)
  • I’ve travelled to 34 countries so far
  • I love The Golden Girls – I’ve seen every episode at least 16 times
  • I lived in Italy for about 2 years and London for a short stint
  • I love to cook
  • I love the movie Gladiator
  • I lived on Wall Street
  • I love gadgets and technology – especially travel tech
  • I have over 60 thousand images stored across my computer and hard drives
  • Football is my favorite sport – NFL
  • I have a small Maltese named Meka, which means soft in Yugoslavian (that is her to the left)


And if that wasn’t enough for you and you can follow me on @ashleighchanel on Instagram to see my travels. You might as well go follow me on everything now.

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